Aircraft for Medical transportation


Aircraft for Medical transportation

Aircraft for Medical Transport by HI Flying

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International has a versatile fleet of aircrafts which are manned by a medical flight crew of professional doctors, nurses and paramedics and carries Advance Life support medical equipment including cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, ventilators, Automatic external defibrillators,  an ECG and monitoring unit, CPR equipment, and stretchers. 


There are two types of air ambulances used for medical transport: Helicopters and fixed-wing Airplanes.


HI Flying has its Fixed wing Airplanes based in Asia -


Learjet 35

Learjet 45

Learjet 60

Gulfstream 150 


King Air C 90

King Air B 200

Pilatus PC 12

Learjet 45


King Air B 200

King Air B 350

Pilatus PC 12

Middle East

Learjet 60


What are the Medical Equipments in a typical Air Ambulance Flight?

The Medical Equipment based on our dedicated Air Ambulance Aircrafts includes -


Primary Medical Equipment and Supplies on our Air Ambulance

Cardiac Monitor with Defibrillator and External Pacemaker

Invasive line monitoring equipment

Pulse oximetry and CO2 Capnography

Adult and pediatric advanced airway equipment

LTV 1200 Ventilator and Resmed Ventilator with BiPAP capability

Long distance 2000 psi oxygen tanks

IVAC 3 channel infusion pumps

ALS and PALS medication and supplies

Chest decompression kits

Electrical inverter

Suction machine


We have at select locations Helicopters fully equipped to land at helipads for emergency helicopter evacuations where fixed-wing aircraft do not land. The Helicopters fly a shorter range however they are able to land on flat grounds and helipads.


How fast do our Helicopters fly?

Flying at a maximum speed of 168 knots our helicopters can travel 325 nautical miles (347 miles by road) on one tank of fuel. They use about 240L per hour, so a full tank will last 1 hour 50 minutes. Our helicopters fly at a top speed of 185mph - around 4 times faster than by road.


How fast can the Learjet 60 fly?

The Learjet 60 is a proud member of our family of Aircrafts. Once at cruise level, it can reach speeds of up to 457 knots (about .76 Mach). It has a transcontinental range of 2,590 miles (2250 nautical miles) when carrying six passengers which include 2 pilots - a team of 1 doctor and 1 nurse and 2 relatives. With average fuel consumption of 203 gallons per hour, the Learjet 60 gives surprisingly good flying output comparable to smaller lightweight private jets.


How good is the Learjet 45 for Air Ambulance?

The Learjet 45 can fly 2,099 miles (1,824 nautical miles) nonstop and can cruise at 465 mph. Two AlliedSignal TFE731-20AR turbofan engines provide 3,500 pounds of thrust each on takeoff.


It has the most advanced anti-ice system of any light- or mid-sized jet.

Bleed air load balancing software increases the engines’ total thrust and improves the rate of climb while the ice removal system is in use. The software distributes the bleed air system between the two engines so that they perform uniformly.


Speaking of engines, the cruise performance of the Learjet 45 sets it apart from other light- and mid-sized jets. It burns 198 pounds of fuel per hour and can complete a trip of 1,150 miles (1,000 nautical miles) in about two hours and eighteen minutes. It handles exceptionally well, especially at cruise altitude, and taxis and lands smoothly thanks to its trailing link landing gear.


The Learjet 45 is certified to FAR part 25 amendment 75 safety standards, almost identical to the safety standards required for Boeing 777s.  Its fuselage is made principally from high-strength aluminum alloys.  Computer-controlled manufacturing process increases precision and speed of production.


The Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics system comes standard; it includes four large-format EFIS (ERO Frequency Information Systems) and a 3-D approach navigation system through a Universal UNS-1C FMS. For the first time in a Learjet, there are no restrictions on the lateral and vertical approach guidance simulations.


The Learjet 45 is an extremely reliable jet with great cruise performance and fuel economy. Its innovative systems and efficient performance make it a viable option for a high-performing, cost-effective mid-sized Air Ambulance Jet Aircraft.


How is the Gulfstream 150 dedicated Air Ambulance Aircraft?


The wide-cabin high-speed Gulfstream G150 was designed, developed, and certified in a joint effort between Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Gulfstream Aerospace. 



Two Honeywell TFE731-40AR engines power the Gulfstream G150, each offering 4,420 pounds of thrust and using 192 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Gulfstream G150 is 2,988 nm operating under NBAA IFR 4 passengers with available fuel.



The cabin volume for the Gulfstream G150 is 521 cubic feet. Typical configuration features a spectrum stretcher for a patient, seats for 2 team Medical crew which includes one Doctor and one Nurse and 2 relatives of the patient.



Maximum Cruise Speed:        475 kts        880 km/h

Long-range Speed:                  430 kts        796 km/h



Maximum operating altitude:        45,000 ft (13,716 m)



A.        Maximum ramp weight:                  26,250 lb (11,907 kg)

B.        Maximum takeoff weight:               26,100 lb (11,839 kg)

C.        Maximum landing weight:               21,700 lb (9,843 kg)

D.        Maximum zero fuel weight:             17,500 lb (7,938 kg)

E.        Standard basic operating weight: 15,200 lb (6,895 kg)



Rockwell Collins Proline 21 Avionics System


We love to fly the Gulfstream 150 for Air Ambulance flight.


Gulfstream aircraft provide some of the greatest design flexibility when used for air medical services and emergency medical evacuation.


Critical Care: A specially modified Gulfstream G150 is leading the way in innovation. The emergency response aircraft is outfitted with medical equipment including Advanced Life Support equipments, Monitors, Ventilators, Suction machine, Oxygen, set of syringe pumps and storage for emergency medications.  It gives 360-degree in-flight patient access and advanced life-support capabilities.


Quick Conversion: Gulfstream aircraft can convert easily from executive use to medical support in as little as two hours. Wide, comfortable club seats, which lie flat for sleeping, can be replaced with medical beds, and ports installed along the sidewall, almost unnoticeable when not in use, are available to plug in medical monitoring equipment and oxygen feed.

It’s a fitting option that also allows high-profile individuals to travel discreetly to and from medical facilities.


Easy Access: Gulfstream aircraft provide easy access from the tarmac to the cabin for patients in stretchers and wheelchairs, further ensuring patient comfort and reducing the risk of injury for medical personnel. The unit assembles and disassembles quickly and stores easily in the baggage area.


BBJ - Business Boeing Jets for the high-end clients in the Middle East.


HI Flying - Air Ambulance International can arrange a Business Boeing Jet for the high-end clients especially in the Middle East and Europe to fly non stop to all destinations in the United States.


It is also suitable for Multipatient transfers.


The Equipments on board include -


CU Standard Patient Monitoring


ECG Monitoring via 12-lead ECG


Computer-assisted real-time ECG analysis to realize possible early changes


4x Invasive pressure monitoring (e.g. Blood and intracranial pressure)


Non-invasive interval or continuous blood pressure monitoring


2 x temperature monitoring19 September 2016


EtCO2 (capnometry), SpO2, PI, SpCO, SpHb, SpMet and respiration monitoring


Electronic documentation and logbook of entire trends


Devices produced and serviced in GermanyPortable blood lab to allow extended and fast blood tests on route to allow the best possible therapy


ICU Standard Ventilation


Modern and multi parameter transportable ventilators


All relevant ventilation modes are supported (BiPAP (ASB) (NIV), SIMV (p) (v), PSV, IPPV, CPAP (NIV), CMV)


Dedicated configurations for Adult, Pediatric and especially neonatal patients


Support of low birth and very low birth neonates regarding very special ventilation requirements


Specialized Humidifier to ensure a comfortable ventilationDevices produced and serviced in Germany


Medical oxygen for all needed flight ranges


Orthopaedic and trauma Management


Cervical spine and torso immobilization devices available (incl. Halo fixation)


A possibility of full immobilization of patients if necessary


Vacuum mattresses and fixation devices available


Neonatal care


Fixed and transport isolates with adjustable temperatures


Specific monitoring capabilities for neonatal patients


Special ventilation and intervention equipment and crews available


Else / Emergency care


External pacer for implanted pacer wires


Transcutaneous pacer with Fix, Demand, Overdrive mode, PR 30 - 150/min


Defibrillator (biphasic)


AED according to ERC/AHA guidelines


Thoracic cathetersSterile procedures kits


High and Very low volume capable syringe and infusion pumps


The BBJ is manned by experienced Indian and European crew members

From emergency Physicians and Anaesthetists through to intensive care specialists and Pediatricians, each one of our highly qualified and predominantly Indian and European team members has been handpicked by our Medical Directors to provide you with the best possible care in the Air.


It is a true combination of safety and luxury of an ICU on a wing in the sky.


For more information -

To schedule an emergency or planned medical flight - call us +1 412 567 2211 or +91 9821150889 and we will respond to you at the earliest.

Be assured that our Ground Medical coordinator team are available 24/7, and support Medevac with their significant collective experience at HI Flying and coordination of medical evacuation flights. 

Our team will do whatever is possible to ensure that your transfer is completed safely and smoothly, while providing the highest levels of professional service along every step of the way.

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